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The Northern Lights, Iceland

All week in Iceland, tours to see The Northern Lights had been cancelled. Plus, it hadn't stopped snowing all day. The sky was completely overcast and things didn’t look good. By seven o’clock, Harmony and I had lost all hope… But not all was lost – the weather forecast looked hopeful, the clouds would soon blow over and the tour had got the go ahead for this evening! The lovely receptionist at our hotel informed us of that. So, we filled up on food and got ready for the long night ahead of us. At about eight o’clock, a shuttle bus pulled up outside our hotel, we jumped in and we were taken to the bus depot where we would get on a larger coach. Just like on most tours with Grayline, the coac

Golden Circle Tour, Iceland

Many companies in Iceland run a lot of the same tours and lots of them work out of Reykjavik – making it easy for tourists like me to organise one. Harmony and I were up early this morning, as we had booked ourselves onto a Blue Lagoon/Golden Circle tour. As it turned out, the blue lagoon was fully booked so we couldn’t go. Instead, we just went on a “Golden Circle Classic” tour. A shuttle bus pulled up right outside our hotel and took us to the main bus terminal. We didn’t have to wait long until we could jump on a large coach with lots of other people, as well as a tour guide. It was hard to make sense of what the tour guide said sometimes, but it was nice to have her there. After a short

Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a location on every photographer’s to-do list. When a deal popped up on Facebook, I couldn’t have booked myself a trip any quicker! Harmony and I couldn’t have been more excited. We spent months looking at things to do and places to see – nothing could get us down! Our aeroplane landed at Keflavik airport and it was obviously very cold but first impressions were good. The air was fresh, the airport was nice and the people were friendly. We collected our bag and bought a bus ticket from a counter near the exit. A bus took us to the bus terminal in Iceland’s capital, Rekjavik, and a smaller shuttle bus dropped us off right outside our accommodation - Hotel Fron. We found ourselves i
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