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Temples And A Tour Of Da Lat

The journey to Da Lat took about 4-5 hours. A small bus took us up the mountains and into the clouds. I dedicated the journey to doing some work, but found myself staring out of the window for the majority of the time! Every time I looked up from my phone, I either saw a waterfall, a vast valley or an area at high risk of a rockslide... We were all a bit too scared to enjoy the scenery. My main concern was how we snaked around the corners at high speed and the overtaking on corners, but we all lived to tell the tale and we, thankfully, didn't topple over the edge in the end. When we arrived in Da Lat, I was quite impressed. It was big and built up, and I especially liked the large lake and s

Nha Trang, Vietnam

After a ten-hour, over night bus journey, Harmony and I found ourselves in Nha Trang at 4:30am. We had no clue what to do. An obvious place to go first was our hostel, but it was closed... Our only other option was the beach! Nha Trang is Vietnam's very own seaside resort. It’s also a fairly large metropolis, with huge hotels dominating the skyline. Whilst walking from the bus stop that morning, it was clear to see how much this city has benefitted from tourism. Throughout the trip, we had constantly heard about what a hit it is with Russians as it’s only a short plane ride away. This was clear to see, with most menus and signs also written out with the Russian alphabet. Anyway, we walked a

Vinpearl Land, Nha Trang, Vietnam

There's something really intriguing about Vinpearl Land. Perhaps it's the Hollywood style sign that lights up at night, or the fact that it's on it's own island, or maybe it's because the Vietnamese go crazy with excitement when you mention it's name, or even just the words Nha Trang for that mater. When Harmony and I arrived in Nha Trang, we immediately knew we had to go. Vinpearl Land sits on the island of Hon Tre, just off of the mainland. When Vinpearl bought the island, they wasted no time in turning it into Vietnam's answer to Disneyland. Though, the cable car system wasn't open until the following year. The cable car takes about 10-15 minutes and takes you right over the bay - offerin

Hoi An, Vietnam

The four-hour journey to Hoi An was probably the best yet. It was sunny, scenic and almost quite relaxing with the reclined "beds". We saw the sea, some rice fields and lots of mountains along the way. The journey took us through Da Nang, which I was happy about because it's an incredible city and at least I got to see it. Our hostel was a bit of a long walk away from where we were dropped off (especially with our heavy bags). Fortunately, it was easy to find and we only really had to walk straight up one, long street. The hostel itself was the nicest we have stayed in, and the owners were always very friendly and happy to help with anything. To get to the old town, we had to walk back the w

Hue, Vietnam

When Harmony and I arrived in Hue, we were apprehensive at first. It was the hassle you get in the street and how work-in-progress the city's developments felt. However, once we checked into our hostel, had breakfast and explored more, we came to love the city just as much as Hanoi. The Perfume River and surrounding area was particularly nice. Joining the main part of the city and the Citadel side are a few big bridges. We were heading to the Citadel (an old palace and fortress surrounded by a moat and large stone wall) until we realised there were no nearby ATMs and we had now cash to pay the entrance fee. Instead, we just carried on walking to another bridge and back to our hostel (making

Hue's Abandoned Waterpark

When you hear about an abandoned waterpark, it's really hard to just let it go. You feel compelled to make it less of a mystery and go on your very own adventure. When it comes to Ho Thuy Thien in Vietnam, it usually starts with a discussion during a hostel's happy hour. Directions are drawn out and, by the following morning, you're finding your way there with the help of google maps and a few photos your were shown for visual aid. To get to the park, the best method of transport is a moped/scooter. They can be rented for next to nothing, from almost anywhere in Hue. I quickly learnt how to ride one, but I also learnt that they're not very reliable... Yep, mine broke down. Thankfully, the re

Hanoi to Hue by Sleeper Bus

I have to warn you that this was not a good experience. However, it's experiences like these that make this trip a real adventure. The day was off to a good start in Halong Bay, with warm weather and fantastic food, but all good things must come to an end. The boat was taking us back to the harbour, where we were getting a bus back to Hanoi. At some point on this five hour bus journey, Harmony and I realised we might not make our bus from Hanoi to Hue. There was lots of traffic and also a lot of waiting around - first, there was the hour long wait for the bus itself at the harbour, then there was an unnecessarily long wait at a strange rest stop along the way and then we had to wait for the

Halong Bay, Vietnam

A week had gone by since our adventure began in Vietnam. We spent a couple of days flying and travelling, but the majority of our time was spent in Hanoi. We saw so much, experienced even more and met some great people. However, it was time to move on. We were heading to Halong Bay by bus and exploring the bay by boat. The bus journey took about 3-4 hours but, as I usually do, I slept for most of it. We stopped half way so we could use the toilets and so the tour operators can get some commission. This “shop” sold anything from snacks to snakes in a jar. After 20 minutes, we hopped back on the bus to finish the journey. Sat behind us were three loud and proud Australians – they were going to

Hanoi, Vietnam

It was our first day in Hanoi and we slept through most of it - thanks jet lag! We woke up in the evening, incredibly hungry. However, leaving the hotel was a little daunting and crossing the roads was going to be a bit of a challenge. Eventually, we had to do it… We had to venture out, find some food and see the local area. The easy option for food was probably going to be fast food. So, going off of the photos on the menu, we tried our best to communicate what we wanted. What we got, was actually the nicest rice I have ever eaten, amongst some vegetables and other bits. After that, we could take on anything. We only did a few laps of the nearby streets and what we saw was amazing - the str
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