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Chiang Mai, Thailand

The north of Thailand is a place that a lot of backpackers seem to speak very highly about. You have Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Pai that are all very popular. Could it be the climate, the chilled vibe or something more specific that draws them there? Whatever the reason, Harmony and I were going to give it a go! We were spending a few days in Chiang Mai and we were staying at Deejai Backpackers. It would've been a pretty good place to stay if we just wanted to party, but we had a lot more in mind and did our own thing anyway. With the hostel being on the west side of the old town, it was in a pretty good location. There weren’t many other restaurants around, but the hostel did serve breakfas

A Bus To Chiang Mai, Thailand

There are many options when it comes to getting to Chiang Mai. From Bangkok, you can either get a plane, train or bus and each of the options have their pros and cons. Harmony and I chose to get a bus, because it was faster than the train and we could still save on the cost of a night’s accommodation. We booked our ticket online, through www.12goasia.com. They had lots of different options, which was great because you don’t want a bus company with a history of loosing luggage. To reduce the chance of that happening, and to make the journey more comfortable, we went with a VIP coach. First of all, we had to get to Morchit Bus Station (on 798 Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road). Getting a taxi there was th

Bangkok, Thailand

I don't think I have ever heard a bad thing about Bangkok, but it still seems to emit ideas of total chaos and overwhelming haste. It was weird to be back in what felt like an actual city with tall skyscrapers and stop-start traffic. Sure, there was still a culture shock, countless cables hanging above pavements and precariously placed air conditioning units, but it felt like London. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would! One of the first things I noticed was that, in Thailand, they drive on the left. This might not seem weird for a British person but, for a person that has spent two and a half months in Vietnam and Cambodia, it was weird. They also don't honk their horns as much. Fir

From Cambodia to Thailand

It was the night before Harmony and I left for Bangkok. We were becoming anxious whilst going through the usual steps of searching for and booking a hostel. This went on until 2am – meaning we were only afforded four hours of sleep. Our bus from Siem Reap was at 7am and we were pushing it by ordering breakfast at 6:55. Multiple mini vans pulled up at our neighbouring hostels and the few seconds when it looked like a lady was coming to collect us were tense. Luckily, our mini van was a little bit late! That mini van then took us to a bigger bus and then the journey finally began! As always, we slept for most of the journey but, this time, it was important to be well rested. We had to be in th

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

After spending a day at Angkor Wat and exploring the temples, I was desperate to return at sunrise to get the best photos with the best light. The problem is that I’m not the only one that thinks that way and the crowds are pretty crazy! Luckily, I anticipated this and was up at 4am to get ahead of the game. A tuk tuk (paid for and organised through the hostel for $8) was outside and ready to go at 4:30am. I could've got a handy head start by already having a day ticket, but I only booked to go the night before and I had no other choice but to get one that morning. Thankfully, the ticket office was open and I held my position at the front of the queue. By 4:45, I was out of the ticket office

Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

After being lost to the jungle for hundreds of years, reconstruction and further research into Angkor Wat began in the early 1900s. Now, it is recognised as the world’s largest religious monument, one of the seven wonders and a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a complex of many different temples that Harmony and I had to see whilst we were in Siem Reap! The tour that we we were going on was a part of our package that we bought before we came to Cambodia. A day ticket would’ve cost $20 each, but that was already included in the tour. Our day started with a mini-van picking us up from our hostel at 7:30am. We were the first of about fourteen people on the tour and had to spend a fair amount of

Seeing A Doctor Abroad

Whilst in Siem Reap, Harmony needed to go to see a doctor. It was nothing major, probably an infection, allergy or heat rash, but it was still worth sorting out. When Harmony noticed her symptoms, she did what most people might do - she Googled it. Nothing much came up, but there was one word that stood out. That word was cancer. Thankfully, the doctor confirmed that it was not cancer. However, that was the only proper answer we got out of him. You see, we didn't get a whole lot of English out of him at all. A school kid that I met in the area held a better conversation and was easier to understand! I can appreciate that they may not get a lot of practise with the English language, as they m
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