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Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

First Impressions Koh Phi Phi was a bit of a problem for Harmony and I. It was a beautiful island with stunning scenery, but it was so expensive that we just couldn't afford to stay for long. Prior to our arrival, we spent hours online searching for the cheapest place possible - Flower Bungalows. The fact that the mattress was on the floor and had insects living inside it should give an idea as to how budget this place was. It was a total junk yard, and still cost us £15 a night. Other than that, we absolutely loved Phi Phi. I was stunned as soon as I saw it, with it's mountains covered in greenery, white sandy beaches and wonderfully clear water. After settling in, it made sense to spend so

Krabi, Thailand

When Harmony and I first arrived in Krabi, we weren't sure whether we'd like it or not. We certainly didn't like the smell of the littered streets and how it seemed like there was nothing to do in the town. The market wasn't very nice either, and the hassle from the taxi drivers wasn't very fun. However, after exploring the area a little the following day, we eventually found some beautiful scenery by the bank of the river, with an endless sea of trees and large, limestone karsts on the opposite side. It was absolutely stunning! Khao Khanap Nam At the bank of the river, we were talked into going on a quick boat trip for only 500 Baht. That's 250 Baht each and a boat all to ourselves! Firstly

Koh Phangan, Thailand

After a stormy week in Koh Samui and limited touristy things to do, Harmony and I were really excited for a change in scenery! The weather was finally clearing up and there was even a stunning sunset to welcome us to Koh Phangan! Getting There From Koh Samui, the boat journey took no longer than an hour. It cost 300 Baht each and was easy enough to organise online. From Koh Phangan's main pier (Thong Sala), a taxi to our hostel (Pink's Bungalows) cost 100 Baht each. The hostel couldn't have been more budget, with nothing but a fan in the room and a blanket-less bed. Also, let's just say that the shared toilets had no flush, and I'll say no more! Fortunately, the food at the hostel was fantas

Stormy Koh Samui, Thailand

The next stop on our Thai island adventure was Koh Samui - a backpacker’s favourite for its beaches, boat trips and waterfalls. Plus, there is an airport, which makes it extremely accessible. My family and I were travelling with Lomprayah - on one of their high-speed catamaran boats. We were scheduled to leave at 9:30am, though it was a little bit late, and we arrived at 12:30pm at Big Buddha Pier. Here, my family got a bus to the airport and Harmony and I got a taxi to Maenam Beach. We were staying at Phalarn Inn, which had a pool but no wifi in the rooms, and it was good for the budget backpacker but it didn't come close to where we had stayed on Koh Tao. The location was quiet but good, w

Koh Tao, Thailand

From Bangkok, Koh Tao is a 15 hour journey away. Harmony and I were travelling with a company called Lomprayah, who's office was right next to where we stayed (Green House on Rambuttri Road). We got our tickets at 8pm for the 9pm bus and were told to go to the departure point. Then, there was a long wait as the bus was half an hour late. When it finally turned up, we found our seat, sat down and soon realised how uncomfortable the journey was going to be. After travelling on a VIP bus to Chiang Mai, nothing was going to compare to it or even come close. There were no usb charging ports, entertainment systems or large, leather chairs on this bus. On the other hand, we were just happy that the
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