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Why You HAVE To Come To Coron, The Philippines! What To Do & What Not To Miss!

First Impressions As soon as we started to approach Coron, we knew that we were going to like it... From the plane window, we could see turquoise pools and coral reefs in the ocean, bone-white beaches against the deep, green jungle, and mountains shaped by the volcanic activity below! The airport was sat on a flat plateau amongst all of the scenery and was by far the smallest airport that we’ve ever been to, like we had just arrived in a remote, almost uncharted, secret to the rest of the world, very special place! The half-hour journey from the airport took us through some of the most beautiful landscapes and unspoilt countryside! Every mile or so, there were small, shack-like houses that w

What We Did & What We Learnt In Manila, Philippines! Should You Visit?

First impressions of Manila were good and it was great to be back in an South-East Asian city! A few of the questions we began to ask ourselves were 'what is there to do' and where should we go and explore whilst on our extended stop over in Manila? Well, in this blog post we'll be answering those questions, sharing a bit about our experience in Manila and going over why you may or may not want to actually visit yourself. First Impressions Depending on who you ask about Manila, you're likely to hear a variety of things... That was certainly the case for us anyway before we flew to The Philippines and let's just say that they weren't all good - borderline scary in fact! Hearing those things d

Our Experience With Single Use Plastics On Aeroplanes! Airlines Use Too Much??

It was our first time flying with Malaysian Airlines - first a 12 hour flight to Kuala Lumpur and then a 3 hour flight to Manila. Our round the world trip was off to a great start! There was impressive leg room, a fantastic film selection and even 3 amazing free meals for each of us as well! Oh... but unfortunately a bunch of single use plastics that came with them... We're all aware of the enormous issue of air travel's carbon footprint (which doesn't make us proud to be jet-setting back to South East Asia), but what about it's relationship with plastic waste? In this blog post, we'll be sharing our experience with this plastic waste on aeroplanes, why it matters so much to step away from s
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