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HOW TO Make Your Next Flight More Eco-Friendly! 5 Top Eco-Travel Tips!

It should be no surprise that air travel is responsible for as much as 12% of the travel industry’s CO2 emissions, but instead of telling you that you should simply never fly again, we decided that it would be much more practical to share some tips as to how you make your next big trip a bit more eco-friendly! From exploring distant destinations to experiencing different cultures, air travel allows us to quickly access far away places that we might not have otherwise been able to see with our own eyes… And it’s those experiences that can make people much more aware, open minded and even empathetic! 1) Fly Less Admittedly, it is worth us emphasising that reducing the amount of air travel thro

18+ MUST WATCH Documentaries All About Single Use Plastics & Plastic Pollution! (Updated 2020)

It's been well over a decade since some of the first documentaries tried to shock us with the reality of plastic pollution, but it wasn't really until the release of the BBC's Blue Planet 2, when Sir David Attenborough himself showed us that we desperately needed to change our ways... Whilst corporations, big businesses and governments continued to disregard the needs of the people and the planet, we saw individuals and small communities really step up and give us hope. They took to cleaning beaches, creating their own eco-friendly products and alternatives to single use items, and even convincing others to ban the single use items altogether! And I guess that we have to thank these document

DIY Mercedes Vito Van Conversion (HOW TO, TIPS & REGRETS)

If you haven't been following our Instagram stories and are wondering what exactly we've been working on these past four months or so, then allow us to share with you our recently self converted campervan, and perhaps introduce you to a possible new blog series?! As if the van build itself wasn't enough for us, we decided to make a video series of the whole process, and the idea is that there's hopefully someone out there that can at least take away one or two good ideas. There's basically going to be five more future videos in the series that go into each stage in a bit more depth, so please do subscribe to our channel if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, but we also though
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