2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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Paris, France

Eiffel Tower at Sunset/Blue Hour

For a magical and romantic Christmas holiday, Paris seemed to be a pretty appropriate choice. Harmony and I arrived late Tuesday night at Charles De Gaulle airport just outside the city. We were amazed that our plane was casually driving on it's own roadway system that intertwined with the regular traffic. The journey continued as we jumped into a taxi and headed to our hotel. Disappointingly, the only sights we could see were the less-than-impressive graffiti and large grey blocks of flats. This feeling of disappointment rolled over on to the next day even after we caught up on sleep.

Being in a city where people speak a language other than your own is a bit of a challenge and a little scary. Thankfully, we felt much more comfortable once we familiarised ourselves with the metro system and the Parisian way of life and once we reached the Louvre museum (a much more touristy location). The Louvre museum holds famous works of art such as the Mona Lisa and is even free for 18-25 year olds living in the EU!

Louvre Museum at Sunrise

The following morning, I returned to the Louvre for sunrise. I focussed on the incredible glass pyramid outside the museum and arrived early so the warmly lit building looked great against the blue sky. Amazingly, the glass pyramid is also the museum's main entrance but there was also a temporary building beside it for security and bag checks to take place. This was somewhat restricting but I worked around it just fine.

Louvre Museum at Sunrise

As the sun got higher in the sky, the clouds started to turn orange and pink - a perfect backdrop for the amazing archway opposite the museum. From this location, you can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance and enjoy a walk through the pretty gardens also opposite the museum. There were many friendly people and lots of runners doing exactly that.