2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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A Week In Ireland

This adventure starts at Cardiff airport. Well, there was a long drive from North Cornwall, but I slept for most of it. I was pleasantly surprised by Cardiff airport. It is small, but not crowded. It lacked a technology specific shop, but was equipped for my mine and my girlfriends food, coffee and duty free needs. Plus, travelling from Cardiff meant that we set foot in three different countries in just a few hours. Flying with Flybe was also a good choice - professional and friendly staff and decent leg room.

When we arrived in Cork, my grandparents were waiting (they live there). First on the to do list was to fill our empty stomachs. We also had to stock up on snacks and meals before we could chill out at their farm in Drimoleague - our home for the week. Throughout the journey to the farm, we enjoyed fantastic views of never-ending fields, rolling hills and tall fur trees. I also loved the looked of all the isolated houses, ant-like to the vast landscape.

I spent a lot of time in Ireland as a kid so I was excited to see the animals again and show Harmony around. We made our way from field to field, from the chickens to the cows and from the horses to the donkey.

The clouds were low and the landscape was stellar - it was begging to be photographed. With my camera in my hand, I ventured out to some different fields and even down the road a little. I could've done with my tripod (so I could use a lower ISO and longer shutter speeds), but I was happy about not being restricted and weighed down.

Drimoleague, Cork, Ireland in the mist