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Hue's Abandoned Waterpark

When you hear about an abandoned waterpark, it's really hard to just let it go. You feel compelled to make it less of a mystery and go on your very own adventure. When it comes to Ho Thuy Thien in Vietnam, it usually starts with a discussion during a hostel's happy hour. Directions are drawn out and, by the following morning, you're finding your way there with the help of google maps and a few photos your were shown for visual aid.

To get to the park, the best method of transport is a moped/scooter. They can be rented for next to nothing, from almost anywhere in Hue. I quickly learnt how to ride one, but I also learnt that they're not very reliable... Yep, mine broke down. Thankfully, the rental guy brought us a replacement and we continued on the 20 minute (10km) journey.

A friend that Harmony and I met in Hanoi was showing us the way and showing us around when we eventually arrived. At the entrance was someone who appeared to be a security guard. He was probably just an imposter trying to earn some money but we paid him 10,000 Dong each anyway. Once inside, we drove from place to place on our scooters. There's a lot to see and the park covers a large area, so it was good that we could just drive around!

The park WAS complete with a fountain show, aquarium, space simulator, a few waterslides and, of course, a selection of swimming pools. All of which, were left and forgotten about. Probably the most impressive thing about the park is the massive dragon that sits in the middle of the lake. The staircases inside look like it's spine and it's open mouth offers amazing views!

The park is very overgrown which makes it exciting and interesting to explore. It was just coming to the end of rainy season when we went exploring, so there wasn't a shortage of water in the pools. Saying that, the water didn't look the most appealing to jump into. So, there's no need to bring your swimming trunks with you. If you've got your bike, your phone (for pictures and GPS) and a big bottle of water, you should be good to go! Allow at least an entire afternoon and beware of crocodiles! I could tell you how to find the park, but I'm just going to let you work it out for yourselves and have your own adventure!

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