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Hue, Vietnam

Minh Mang Tomb, Hue, Vietnam

When Harmony and I arrived in Hue, we were apprehensive at first. It was the hassle you get in the street and how work-in-progress the city's developments felt. However, once we checked into our hostel, had breakfast and explored more, we came to love the city just as much as Hanoi. The Perfume River and surrounding area was particularly nice.

Joining the main part of the city and the Citadel side are a few big bridges. We were heading to the Citadel (an old palace and fortress surrounded by a moat and large stone wall) until we realised there were no nearby ATMs and we had now cash to pay the entrance fee. Instead, we just carried on walking to another bridge and back to our hostel (making the resulting route a bit of a circle). Along the way, we walked through parks, admired all the greenery and watched dragonflies as they chased one another.

Phu Van Lau, Hue, Vietnam

The following day, we had a tour booked to see some of the amazing tombs and temples in and around the city. There was actually a bit of a mix up with the tour at first - it seemed like the other people and Harmony and I were just thrown together into one big group, even though we paid for completely different things. Everything quickly resolved itself though and we split up to do what was (more or less) originally planned for us - a boat tour.

The rain was pouring down so, thankfully, the boat was fully covered. It plodded down the river until we arrived at a very old, traditional home. Inside the home, our tour guide explained a bit about the culture in Hue and how it differs from other cities in Vietnam. We were taught about the rules leading up to marriage, showing affection in the streets and women's rights (amongst other things). Our guide also showed us the traditional Vietnamese "cheers" and gave us tea! In the garden were lots of different trees - each have their own use, be it medical, wood or tasty fruit.