2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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Temples And A Tour Of Da Lat

Da Lat at night/Blue Hour, Vietnam

The journey to Da Lat took about 4-5 hours. A small bus took us up the mountains and into the clouds. I dedicated the journey to doing some work, but found myself staring out of the window for the majority of the time! Every time I looked up from my phone, I either saw a waterfall, a vast valley or an area at high risk of a rockslide...

We were all a bit too scared to enjoy the scenery. My main concern was how we snaked around the corners at high speed and the overtaking on corners, but we all lived to tell the tale and we, thankfully, didn't topple over the edge in the end.

When we arrived in Da Lat, I was quite impressed. It was big and built up, and I especially liked the large lake and splash of greenery amongst the grey buildings. As we were in the mountains now, there were a lot more hills and steep inclines during the walk to our hostel. It wasn't an easy hostel to find either because of the way they number all of the buildings.

We knew we were going to enjoy our stay at Backpacker's Paradise. There were people hanging out in the common area downstairs and they all welcomed us in. The receptionist was really nice but, unfortunately, she tried to move us to another hostel. I wasn't walking anywhere and I certainly wasn't going to pick up my heavy bags again. Instead, she hooked us up with a big, three-bed, family room just for the two of us. There was mould on the walls and no ensuite bathroom, but we couldn't complain. We were happy!

An hour went by and it was time for "family dinner". The receptionist did a little toast and proceeded to bring out plate after plate, and bowl after bowl of delicious Vietnamese food. She even brought out a bottle of rice wine for us all (i'm not sure why its called wine, its more like Vodka)! All the guests got together for it and we all soon got talking to one another about our travels and what we could recommend to each other.

After dinner, another couple said they'd show us to the coolest cafe/bar in town - 100 Roofs. The bar is designed by an eccentric architect, with pathways and staircases that lead in all sorts of directions. Plus, the drinks weren't as expensive as I expected. It was a one of a kind experience! The only way I can describe it is like a magical, treetop maze!

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