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Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

Victory Gate, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

After being lost to the jungle for hundreds of years, reconstruction and further research into Angkor Wat began in the early 1900s. Now, it is recognised as the world’s largest religious monument, one of the seven wonders and a UNESCO world heritage site. It’s a complex of many different temples that Harmony and I had to see whilst we were in Siem Reap!

The tour that we we were going on was a part of our package that we bought before we came to Cambodia. A day ticket would’ve cost $20 each, but that was already included in the tour. Our day started with a mini-van picking us up from our hostel at 7:30am. We were the first of about fourteen people on the tour and had to spend a fair amount of time doing laps of the local hotels, picking up the other people. Finally, we made it out of the city and into the ticket controlled area.

The first thing we saw of Angkor Wat was it’s moat - 5km in circumference! We came in on the east side, drove around the south side and entered on the west side via the incredible, stone causeway. There were no words to describe it. We were immediately struck with awe! The four lotus shaped towers poked out from the temple walls and we all marvelled at the sheer size and the detailed design. As we made our way through the temple grounds, our guide showed us even more of the details and intricate stone carvings that depict Hindu stories. Harmony asked about some holes in the stone walkways and our guide explained that they were used to aid elephants in dragging the large, hand-carved bricks from place to place.

Bayon Temple, Angkor Thom, Cambodia

As a photographer, I found myself getting frustrated with the crowds. So, instead of fighting them, I thought of ways to include and incorporate them whenever I had to. Because of how popular of a place Angkor Wat is to tourists, there were certain things we all had to wait to do. Specifically, there is a central viewpoint that you have to climb up to see the ancient architecture from above. We all waited 30 minutes to go