2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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Stormy Koh Samui, Thailand

The next stop on our Thai island adventure was Koh Samui - a backpacker’s favourite for its beaches, boat trips and waterfalls. Plus, there is an airport, which makes it extremely accessible.

Maenam Pier and Beach, Koh Samui, Thailand, Sunrise

My family and I were travelling with Lomprayah - on one of their high-speed catamaran boats. We were scheduled to leave at 9:30am, though it was a little bit late, and we arrived at 12:30pm at Big Buddha Pier. Here, my family got a bus to the airport and Harmony and I got a taxi to Maenam Beach. We were staying at Phalarn Inn, which had a pool but no wifi in the rooms, and it was good for the budget backpacker but it didn't come close to where we had stayed on Koh Tao. The location was quiet but good, with a few shops and restaurants nearby and the beach only down the road.

We ate breakfast the following day at a placed called Sunshine Gourmet, which was expensive but well worth the money. The food was delicious, the portions were big and the owner was amazing. However, because it was so expensive, we mainly just ate at the hostel during our stay because it was cheaper, easier and still pretty good. We actually didn't really leave the hostel, as the rain was relentless!

When we wanted to go on a boat trip, the weather was bad. When we wanted to check out the beach (which is Tripadvisor's highest rated beach on the island), the weather was bad. When we wanted to see some of the nearby waterfalls (Zong Raue or Khun Si), the weather was bad and we didn't want to risk it with there being floods.

This was no joke. It was scary and we questioned whether or not it was safe. The local media said "heavy rainstorms uprooted 60 power poles causing a blackout that affected about 600 families" (Bangkok Post). The international news said "three people had died, and the state broadcaster MCOT reported that two more, a mother and child, were found dead" (Yahoo). The hostel owner said that all the roads had turned to into rivers. However, he also said that we would be all right where we were (as long as we didn't run out of food that is).

Flooding, Maenam, Koh Samui, Thailand, Night