2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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Phuket On A Budget

Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand at Sunset

Arriving In Phuket

After quite a comfortable boat journey from Koh Phangan, Harmony and I arrived at Phuket's main port. The beauty was overwhelming - the islands out to sea, temples in the mountains and only a few clouds in the sky. Then came the free-for-all and rough and tumble of getting our bags, followed by the madness that is Rassada Harbour.

There was a single crowd of people pushing and shoving one-another, even though we were supposed to queue by a sign according to where we were heading. The idea was that your transport will collect you there but, because things weren't going to plan, the transport operators ran left and right and I don't know how they held it together!

Harmony and I had paid 100 Baht each for a mini bus to take us to our hostel in Phuket Town. Just as we were about to leave the car park, two people jumped in the minibus and demanded to be taken directly to the airport. Our hostel was only 7 minutes away and the airport was a two hour round trip. Everyone in the minibus was taken back at that point, but nothing was said until the driver stopped at the first hostel on the list. The passengers that wanted to get to the airport didn't have time to stop, so they left in panic and frustration, and we all continued on in relief. That is, until another passenger thought that we were at the wrong location wanted the driver to go somewhere else. Fortunately, our hostel was next on the list and we were there in no time. Plus, we got to see Wat Mongkol Nimit on the way, which was truly beautiful!

Where We Stayed

We were staying at Win Backpackers, which we really liked for the price. For only £6 a night, we had a big room, a double bed and an ensuite bathroom. Apart from the noise, we were more than happy. However, this was apparently just an upgrade as they had over booked. The hostel owner seemed to really like us though and gave us a banana each and sometimes a few free slices of mango for breakfast.