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The Best Ways To Spend Rainy Days In Cornwall! What To Do, Where To Visit & What You Need To Know!

When you're somewhere as special as Cornwall, you don't just go to the cinema or do some shopping when it rains... Cornwall has so much more to offer than that! So, what can you do on rainy days in Cornwall, where do you visit and what do you need to know? Find out in this blog post!

Here's a list of our top five favourite things to do on rainy days in Cornwall!

Sunset and Rain at Wheal Coates, St Agnes, Cornwall

1) Kennall Vale, Near Falmouth

That's right – my favourite woodland walk and probably my favourite FREE rainy day activity! Check out our other favourite woodland walks in Cornwall HERE!

2) Go surfing!

If you're going to get wet anyway, why not grab your wetsuit, head to Perranporth, Gwithian or Watergate and go jump in the sea!

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