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The Ultimate Guide For A ZERO WASTE Home & Kitchen! With Tips, Tricks & Eco Swaps!

Let’s be honest… Trying to reduce waste around the home can sometimes seem like quite the challenge and other times it can simply seem unavoidable! The truth is that, yes, trying to go zero-waste all at once will likely end in a lot of frustration, but even trying one small step at a time can mean a really big difference and will certainly increase your chances of a more sustainable lifestyle in the long run! That’s why we’re going to break it all down the best we can and not only share a couple of super easy eco swaps, but also all of our top tips for a zero waste home & kitchen!

“We don’t need a handful of people doing zero-waste perfectly, we need millions of people doing it imperfectly” - Anne Marie Bonneau

How To Have A Zero Waste Home & Kitchen Complete Guide, plastic free eco friendly sustainable living lifestyle

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The Big One - Plastic Packaging!

When it comes to doing the food shopping, you shouldn’t have to change all of your old habits at once… Simply start by choosing fruit and veg without the packaging, be conscious of the more eco-friendly options and avoid plastic whenever possible. You could bring your own produce bags if you like, or just skip on the small single-use plastic ones that are usually on offer. When you have some spare time, try researching supermarkets close to you that are trying to offer more food with less packaging. If you have a bulk/refill shop near you, give it a visit and be aware of what sort of stuff it sells. Also look into farmers markets, dedicated veg shops or veg box subscriptions! Something a little different could be trying to make your own dairy free milks - our favourite is oat milk!

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Don’t Rely On Recycling!

Admittedly, when buying food and drinks, it can be quite easy