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Christmas to many might be the most wonderful time of year, but there’s no denying that it can also be one big binge, which can often mean a whole lot of of waste! One major culprit that we wanted to talk a bit about are of course stocking stuffers… Yep - they really don’t need to be so wasteful and can in fact be free of single use plastics! Chances are, your local zero waste/ refill shop will stock a good selection and some great stocking stuffers can even be hand made or up cycled - for example, DIY wax wraps or cotton cloths made from old clothing! However, we do have some affiliate links below in case you can’t find something that you like the look of locally!

Reusable produce bags!

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Reusable / bamboo cutlery set!

Click here to shop Bambaw & more!

Bamboo safety razor!

Click here to shop Bambaw & more!

Reusable / bamboo straws!

Click here to shop Bambaw & more!

A bamboo toothbrush!

Click here to shop F.E.T.E & more!

All natural oral care by Georganics!

Click here to shop Georganics & more!

All natural deodorant!

Click here to shop Earth Conscious & more!

Solid shampoo bars!

Click here to shop Friendly Soap & more!

Reef-safe sunscreen!

Click here to shop Shade & more!

Biodegradable glitter!

Click here to shop Ara Evolution & more!

Up-cycled jewellery!

Click here to shop Bombs 2 Bracelets & more!

Sustainable stationery!

Click here to shop Sprout Pencils & more!

Bee friendly seed balls!

Click here to shop Seed Balls & more!

Wooden children’s toys!

Click here to shop Ever Earth & more!

Reusable coffee cups & water bottles!

Click here to shop Wakecup & more!

An organic cotton tote bag!

Click here to shop our tote bags & more!

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Disclaimer: This website contains affiliate links. Making purchases through these links helps to support By The Compass at no extra cost to you! We only ever recommend products that we've tried and tested and actually use! Although some of the products we love were #gifted, we only ever partner with brands and businesses that we truly believe in!

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