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Trying to live a low waste lifestyle can be quite the challenge when it comes to days like Valentine’s Day… From the single use cards to the plastic-wrapped gifts that fill supermarket shelves this time of year, shopping for that eco conscious special someone can be nothing less than a nightmare! But the good news is that there are plenty of eco friendly alternatives out there and we’ve got a great list of our favourite eco friendly gift ideas down below!


Here's our guide for having a more eco friendly, zero waste Valentine's Day!


Get Crafty!

Is there any better gift than something hand made with love and care? Whether it’s an up-cycled card, a DIY bath bomb or a personalised piece wall art, you can’t really go wrong!

Shop Secondhand!

You’d be surprised what you might find in charity shops! But what about vintage clothing shops, Facebook market place or even Ebay as well? There should be absolutely no shame in shopping second hand!

Cruelty Free Jewellery?

That’s right - diamonds, gold and jewellery can have a serious ecological impact. Again, see what you can get second hand or if you can get a stunning vintage piece. Another option is jewellery made from recycled materials - just like a bracelet that helps to clear land of landmines left from The Vietnam War!

Bombs 2 Bracelets Bracelet Recycled Upcycled Eco Friendly Ethical Cruelty Free Jewellery gift gifts presents

Change Your Chocolate!

It’s one of the go-to Valentines Day gifts, but often times, it’s a present that comes with a heck of a lot of unnecessary packaging! Your local zero waste shop will usually stock some package-free sweeties, and you’ll likely find the chocolate to be organic and completely fair-trade. Ethical chocolate truly isn’t all that hard to find though and will definitely make for a more thoughtful present.

Go For Organic!

From chocolate to flowers - going organic definitely goes a long way when it comes to reducing our ecological impact and pesticide use. And better yet, try to make it local and in-season too! Why not also see what wine and organic ingredients you can get for an amazing home cooked meal made from scratch??

Grow Your Own!

Go the extra mile and buy a plant that will last! A house plant perhaps or a rose bush to brighten up the garden instead of a supermarket bouquet? You could even start a small veg patch and watch it all sprout in the spring time!

kabloom seedbom seed bomb pollinator wild flower plant plants bee gardening garden gift gifts presents eco

Opt For Activities!

Avoid the gifts all together and plan a great day out! Make it a weekend away even, but don’t discount a staycation somewhere not too far away!


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Got a great eco friendly gift for Valentine's Day? Leave a comment below to let us know!

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