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40+ MUST WATCH Documentaries All About The Ocean! (2020)

By The Compass, Land's End, Pordennack Point, Cornwall, Sunrise, Selfie

In this surreal time of social distancing and self isolation, we've been wondering a lot about the best way to stay sane and occupied through such a difficult and, most likely, lonely time for so many people... Staying connected is important, but social media can quite quickly get a bit too much at the moment, so instead, we’ve turned to watching a bunch of documentaries to help us get by as they always have a funny way of warming our hearts, getting us inspired and of course making us all-the-more aware of how we can be better humans for the planet. If you’re looking for a few documentary ideas too, then here are all of our favourites that are all about the ocean!

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Blue Planet 2 (2017)

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A Plastic Ocean (2013)

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The Last Ocean (2018)

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Mission Blue (2014)

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