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THE MUST WATCH Documentaries Of 2020 So Far (and some to look forward to)!

selfie north cornwall sunset, must watch documentaries 2020

We're a few months in to 2020 and for so many people I'm sure that it's going to be remembered as a really hard one... and although I'm not so sure how to help exactly, we have had a really nice response to 'Our Friday Film Pics' that we've been posting each and every week across our social media. So, seeing as it's Friday, we wanted to put together a completely fresh list of 'Must Watch Docs' for everyone to watch, which includes a few to look forward to that aren't yet released and some incredible short films as well! We'll be sure to keep this post updated as the year goes on and great new docs are released, but we hope there's enough in here (from plastic pollution and fast fashion, to climate change and everything else in between!) to help keep you inspired and entertained.

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The Story Of Plastic

Watch Here On Amazon!

The Plastic Nile

Releasing In June<