Five Top Travel Tips For Being More Sustainable!

March 20, 2018


As travellers, we're quite often of a more free-spirited mindset (that's for sure!) and there's definitely nothing wrong having fun... Life is to be enjoyed, duh! But, we could probably all benefit from being a bit more mindful when it comes our actions and being a bit more conscious of the impact that our actions are having... Sometimes, it's the smallest things that can make a big difference! So, here are five top tips!


Save electricity. It sounds obvious, but turn off the lights when they don't need them to be on in the day time and turn off the air con when you leave your hotel room. Rooms without air con are often a lot cheaper, so why not opt for a fan instead?


Conserve water. Try taking shorter, colder showers and, if the option's there, don't get your bed made and sheets washed everyday.


Use public or shared transport. Private taxi ride's contribute to traffic problems in cities all around the world and air pollution in general. Use ride hailing apps' services like "GrabShare" instead and save some money whilst you're at it! Better yet, walk or cycle and forget about hiring that scooter.


Refuse single use plastic. Say no to plastic straws, stirrers and bottles. Why not get yourself a reusable water bottle? You might find more and more places offering free or cheap water refills now, just like we have all over South-East Asia!


Go vegan. Okay, it might not be the easiest thing to do at times, but you could always educate yourself on some different vegan dishes and skip the meat dishes every other day or so. It's one of the best things you can do for the planet!



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