18 MUST WATCH Documentaries, Films & Videos About Single Use Plastics & Plastic Pollution!

March 10, 2019


It's been well over a decade since some of the first documentaries tried to shock us with the reality of plastic pollution, but it wasn't really until the release of the BBC's Blue Planet 2, when Sir David Attenborough himself showed us that we desperately needed to change our ways... Whilst corporations, big businesses and governments continued to disregard the needs of the people and the planet, we saw individuals and small communities really step up and give us hope. They took to cleaning beaches, creating their own eco-friendly products and alternatives to single use items, and even convincing others to ban the single use items altogether! And I guess that we have to thank these documentaries here for the unparalleled and all-important awareness and understanding of the issue at hand!


"The problem won't just go away, but the people won't just give up."


Blue Planet 2 (2017)


Drowning In Plastic (2018)


A Plastic Ocean (2013)


Blue (2017)


Albatross (2017)


Trashed (2012)


Plastic China (2016)


Waste Land (2010)


Tapped (2009)


Divide In Concord (2014)


Straws (2017)


Bag It (2010)


No Impact Man (2009)


Plastic Planet (2009)


Plastic Shores (2011)


Plastic Paradise (2013)


Vice: Garbage Island (2012)


Protecting Paradise (2019)




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