July 19, 2019


Whether it's a simple act of refusing single use plastic, a creative solution to plastic pollution, or a campaign to ban certain single use plastics altogether, 2019 has made it quite clear that we are capable of incredible change and that we can have a more positive impact on the planet!


We saw it with Blue Planet 2, then Drowning In Plastic and most recently War On Plastic - documentaries offer us a better understanding of the issue, and only from that, can we advance in providing suitable solutions. But plastic isn't the only issue that we're facing, nor are these the only documentaries worth watching, so we wanted to share our list of the latest and greatest, which we can easily add to as the year goes on!


Seven World's One Planet (BBC)


Our Planet (Netflix)


Climate Change - The Facts (BBC)


Meat: A Threat To Our Planet? (BBC)


War On Plastic (BBC)




Why Recycled?


Blue Heart: The Fight For Europe's Last Wild Rivers


The River And The Wall


How Sand Mining Destroys One Home To Build Another


Lost And Found






Game Changers (Netflix)


Broken (Netflix)



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