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This page was last updated: 9th June 2020

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By choosing to use this website, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

By The Compass complies with all appropriate laws. This website's terms of use are in place alongside all appropriate laws.

We reserve the right to modify this page at any time with modifications, changes and clarifications taking immediate effect upon publishing. Please revisit this page often for up to date information.

The content on (including but not limited to writing, images and design) is the creation, ownership and intellectual property of By The Compass unless otherwise stated. No content is to be reproduced without the express written permission of By The Compass. If content, images or any intellectual property of By The Compass is stolen, we will seek the appropriate legal action.

The purpose of all content and information shared on is intended for sharing information and 100% our own opinions. The content and information on By The Compass should not be taken as medical, legal or scientific guidance or advice of any kind - please consult with an expert before, for example, making lifestyle choices or changes including but not limited to your diet. Truthfully, we are not medical, legal or scientific experts and are not responsible for any loss, damage, harm and health problems or other repercussions that may come from the information, recommendations or opinions shared on By The Compass. Any purchasing choices or changes to lifestyle must be done with your consideration and full confidence, and we bare no responsibility.


Although we try as hard as possible to share only factual information, we may make a mistake. Please contact us here if you see or read something on that is incomplete or in fact not factual and we'll do our best to remove or amend such information.

By The Compass bares no responsibility for any offence, harm, loss or slander caused by comments left on this site. Comments left and information/opinions shared are the responsibility of the individual commenting. We do, however, care about the concerns of our users and can do our best to remove comments without notice if causing any offence or harm for example.


Privacy Policy

This website is hosted on

Further information about user data, user privacy and the use of cookies can be found here.

Personal Information

Personal information such as name, log in email address and account password can be collected when creating a personal account with By The Compass. Your personal account information is collected through and securely stored behind a firewall. This information is never shared by us and can be deleted, removed or changed by contacting us here.

Your personal account is used for commenting on By The Compass. Therefore, some personal information such as names may be shown publicly. Parents and guardians of anyone under the age of 16 can contact us here to request the removal of personal information that is public or otherwise.

Cookies & Analytics

Other personal information is collected on By The Compass including but not limited to the age, gender, interests and geographical location of our website users. This is done through cookies and Google Analytics, and enables us to tailor our blog content and understand our audience better. This information is completely anonymous and is shown as numbers and percentages as part of a general trend report - not as a user's individual identity or personal profile. These analytics may need to be shared by us when working with or seeking partnership with brands and businesses. Opt out information can be found in our Cookie Policy below.


Data Collected Via Email

Any personal information exchanged when contacting By The Compass through email such as name, email address and phone number will remain securely stored on an email server so that we can contact you again in the future should we need to. This information will only be stored on that email server and will not be shared without express written consent. To change/remove any information exchanged via email, contact us here.

Print Sales & Paypal

By The Compass does not currently process transactions on this website and does not collect, store or manage your sensitive banking information. We do have a Paypal button set up to take you off site to process print orders securely. Personal information including but not limited to your name, email address and mailing address is collected via this process. This information is stored in a password protected file so that we can contact you should we need to, and it will only be used for this and the intended purpose of posting your print to you. We also collect and store data such as print purchased and size to analyse purchasing trends. You can opt out of this or change/remove your contact information by contacting us here.

How & Why We May Contact You

We shouldn't have to, but may need to contact you regarding payment issues, missing information such as mailing address, if you should expect a delay in receiving your print or if we have to cancel your order and offer you a refund. You can change/remove your contact information by contacting us here


Your contact information will not be shared with anyone without express written consent and will not be used for marketing purposes. We do not currently run email marketing campaigns and, should we choose to in the future, your information will continue to not be used for this purpose.

Withdrawing Your Consent - Change/Remove Collected Data

Please contact us here.


Cookie Policy

This website is hosted on

Further information about user data, user privacy and the use of cookies can be found here.

What Are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on visitors' browser/devices to enhance user experience and help with website performance. Some cookies are erased when a browser is closed (session cookies) whilst others are only erased when deleted by the user or at a set expiration date (persistent cookies).

How Do We Use Cookies?

By The Compass uses both session cookies and persistent cookies for enhancing user experience and keeping it's users logged in automatically. By The Compass also uses cookies for safety and security purposes, analysing website performance and monitoring website analytics.

Website Analytics

By The Compass collects a range of data with Google Analytics and it's tracking cookies. Google Analytics can collect data about users' devices - type of device (mobile/desktop), language of device, operating system and general geographic location. Google analytics also analyses user behaviour - what pages the user visits, how long the user visits the site, how the user was referred to the site and if the user has visited the site before. Additional information collected by Google Analytics is user age, gender and interests.


By The Compass uses this information for tailoring our blog content and understanding our audience better. This information is anonymous and shown as numbers and percentages as part of a general trend report - not as a user's individual identity or personal profile. These analytics may need to be shared by us when working with or seeking partnership with brands and businesses. 

Opting Out

Google Analytics is one of the most widely used website analytics tools on the internet.

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking your internet behaviour with this browser extension by Google.

Cookies can also be deleted from your browser / device - this process is different depending on your browser / device and can be researched and done accordingly.

Persistent cookies from By The Compass will expire after up to two years.

Third Parties

This website contains embedded content from sites including but not limited to Youtube, Facebook and Pinterest. Because of this, additional cookies may be used and some information may by a third party, so the policies and terms of the respective website should be consulted accordingly. Our terms of use is solely responsible for cookies used, information collected and content hosted on



Affiliate Policy

What Are Affiliate Links?

By The Compass uses affiliate links to recommend products and services. Affiliate links will direct you to a product or service on another website where you'll be able to make a purchase. When a purchase is made through an affiliate link, By The Compass receives a small commission at no extra cost to you. 


We only recommend products and services that we've tried and tested and actually use. We sometimes recommend products and services that have been given to us for free, but we only ever partner with brands and businesses that we truly believe in.


We are not currently being paid any money for simply showing advertisements and suggesting products to users - only a small commission on the products and services that we actually sell. This may change in the future.

Affiliate Schemes That We're Currently Registered With & Using

Smol, Ebay, Amazon, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Audible, Adobe.

Cookies, Privacy & Other Websites

When a link on By The Compass directs you to another website, By The Compass is not responsible for the cookies used on that website. Nor is By The Compass responsible for how other websites collect, store and share personal information and data. The policies and terms of the respective websites should be consulted.


Site Accessibility

By The Compass is committed to ensuring digital accessibility to all users regardless of ability.

We are continually improving the user experience for everyone and applying the relevant accessibility standards.


There may be some areas of this website where we could improve accessibility and we request feedback regarding these issues by contacting By The Compass here.

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