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By The Compass is all about adventure, eco travel and sustainable living! Our aim is to inspire more mindful travel through our own eco travel experiences, guides and tips to being more sustainable and recommendations for our favourite eco-friendly products on our Amazon affiliate shop!

Work With Us!

Over the past few years of sharing our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, we’ve learnt that it is often exactly that - a journey, and not a journey that anyone has to go on alone!


Every day, more and more people begin their journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, joining and becoming a part of a growing community of people all passionate about our planet and protecting it.


Not only do we want to help those that are on that journey - we want to support the organisations and businesses out there that are trying to make a difference and do good in the world too.


Whether you offer awesome eco friendly products that helps to reduce our use of single use plastics, a service that helps to cut our carbon footprint or a campaign that helps to create awareness of an important issue, we’d love to hear all about it!



We think that social media shoutouts are great, but we really like to offer a lot more than that!

Our experience with photography, film-making and all things content creation has afforded us the opportunity to creatively collaborate with amazing ethical and eco-friendly organisations - collaborations that are all about creating high-quality, compelling content for the organisations' marketing and social media as much as ours!


With our content, we like to convey an appreciation for nature, the environment and all things outdoors, so that you can sell a lifestyle and a brand image, as well as your products!

With our Amazon affiliate store and the ongoing promotion of the products on it, we can offer even more than just awareness to new products - direct sales too!

If you would be interested in working together, please get in touch here!

Work With Us!

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