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2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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Sinai Desert, Egypt

Starry Sky, Sinai Desert, Egypt

Our trip into the desert started with a fairly bumpy, but very fun quad bike ride (probably the highlight of the whole week). We made a quick stop half way into the journey at what is known as 'Echo Valley' where a larger group of smaller groups met to hear a fairly impressive echo of names and phrases that were shouted after a countdown from three. It was also the perfect time to rehydrate and readjust the provided scarfs that stopped you from inhaling any dust. The guides did well at telling us where we were and what we were doing in both English and Russian. However, Echo Valley is supposed to be quite historical, so it might've been interesting to be told a thing or two about it's history. Below is a photo from Echo Valley - a seven shot panorama!

Echo Valley, Sinai Desert, Egypt

At the next stop, we were taken to an area that was called the 'Oasis' where we were given water. Here, we were also taken on a quick camel ride and introduced to three other Egyptian men living in the area. The language barrier made things a little awkward at times but they were friendly and entertaining. Because of the awkwardness, I think I missed out on a fantastic photo so, in the future, I will have to just go for it!

Camel Riding, Sinai Desert, Egypt

After a third short ride on the quad bikes, we arrived at our final stop - a "traditional Bedouin tent." There were amazing fairy lights all up the side of a mountain and a delicious buffet waiting for us. Also, we were treated to a magic show that wowed us and a traditional dance performance that made us dizzy. Plus, we were offered hibiscus tea and shisha pipes. In small groups we were shown outside of the Bedouin area where there stood a very knowledgeable man with a telescope. One by one, were able to look through the telescope at the craters and details on the Moon. What I found incredible was being able to see Saturn and it's ring.

This trip appealed to me because I hoped the desert area would be less light polluted than in Sharm El Shiekh. This is because I wanted to get some good photos of the night sky, which wouldn't have really been possible at the hotel. It was a full moon so the sky was a little hazy but I'm happy with the results. The moon lit the mountains well and the mountains made for a foreground like nothing I'll be photographing again in the near future.

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