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How To Avoid Single-Use Plastics! A Complete Guide To Living PLASTIC FREE!

Plastics have plagued our lifestyles, the environment and quite possibly our health for a good portion of the past century, and it probably only takes a quick flick through social media or even a stroll down a super market isle to see the extent of the issue… Plastics are seemingly impossible to escape, but the good news is that we're seeing more and more ways that we as consumers can make a change! Disposable single use plastics can often times be easily switched for reusable alternatives, so we've put together a bunch of tips and awesome eco-friendly alternatives that may help you start living plastic free!

Here's our complete guide to plastic free living, with easy top tips and awesome eco swaps for avoiding single use plastics!

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Why Plastic Free?

At every stage in plastics' life-cycle, there is clear cause for concern. To start, crude oil is extracted out of the ground, which is refined into petrol, diesel and jet fuel amongst other things. Plastic is almost always petroleum based and therefore has a strong linkage to non-renewable fossil fuels and green house gas emissions.

From crude oil, the next step often involves processing plastic into tiny pellets for other products to be made at a later date. These tiny plastic pellets are shipped around the world on huge cargo ships, and it's not uncommon for cargo to spill into the ocean. Products made from these tiny pellets are incredibly durable and long-lasting, but it's this durability that has sadly lead to highly polluted eco-systems with the plastics never truly going 'away'.

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