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A COMPLETE GUIDE TO OVER TOURISM! What Is Mass Tourism, What's The Issue & What Do We Do About It?

Having recently updated our complete guide to eco travel, we really wanted to share an excerpt and expand on a really important issue that the travel industry not only faces, but actually creates... We believe that when we travel, we should be as responsible and sustainable as possible to have a more positive impact on local communities, preserve the natural environment and protect the welfare of wildlife and animals. However, this is seldom what we see and is sometimes even the opposite. So, how can we have a more positive impact on the communities we visit and fight the effects of over tourism?

Read Our Complete Guide To Eco Travel HERE!

Exploring near Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Guide To Over Tourism Mass Tourism. Sustainable Eco Friendly Responsible Travel Tourism

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The Problem With Over Tourism!

Since travel has become more widely accessible, flights more affordable and package holidays more popular than ever, places all around the world have been struggling with the effects of mass tourism... It's more than just crowded streets and an increased number of cars on the roads... It's a strain on essential resources for locals, an abundance of boat propellers scaring off and harming wildlife, corals unable to sustain themselves due to snorkelers wearing chemical based suncreams, Macchu Pichu itself crumbling under the weight of thousands of tourists, rent hikes pushing locals out of their home city of Barcelona, an inability to cope with the increased waste on the island of Bali, or levels of pollution forcing The Philippines to close Boracay island to tourists... Likewise for Maya Bay in Thailand. Even Mount Everest, the tallest peak on Earth, had to be cleared of over 6,500 lbs of discarded rubbish and mostly single use items in 2019.