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A COMPLETE GUIDE For Everyday Eco Friendly Living! Tips & Tricks For A More Sustainable Lifestyle!

It’s official - nations all over the world have declared a climate emergency, the scientific studies and severe weather conditions are being recognised, and people such as Sir David Attenborough are actually being listened to!

We as humans can be better to the planet with each and every one of our actions in any given day - from choosing to use a more eco friendly alternative product, to reducing our carbon footprints!

Here's our complete guide for everyday eco friendly living, and tips and tricks for a more sustainable lifestyle!

North Cornwall Sunset Selfie - Everyday Eco-Friendly Living complete guide, how to live more sustainably

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The Basics!

Walking to the shop, cycling to work and skipping on an unnecessary car journey are all simple ways to reduce our carbon footprints, and public transport offers us a more eco friendly option when we have to go a little bit further!

Sharing the car journey can also mean sharing the cost!

Of course, we should all be switching off lights when we leave the room, but we could also ensure we're letting in a much window light as possible in the day time, so they don't need to be on at all! A great change to make would be switching to an elect