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45+ MUST WATCH DOCUMENTARIES! Food, Diet & The Way We Consume!

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How mindful really are we when it comes to mealtime? Are we all that aware of how what we eat has an impact on the environment and on our bodies, and do we even actually know what we're actually putting into them?

Truthfully, putting this blog post together was much more eye-opening than we're willing to admit! Some of these documentaries truly made us rethink the way that we consume and how our own diet can effect more than just our own health and wellbeing... Making a change to our diets is not something that everyone finds easy, but we are certain that some of these must watch documentaries can offer more than just education, but inspiration as well! This is an ultimate list of the best documentaries all about food, diets and the way that we consume!

Disclaimer: This blog post contains affiliate links. Making purchases through these links helps to support By The Compass at no extra cost to you!

Cowspiracy (2014)

Watch Here!

What The Health (2017)

Watch Here!