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Hoi An, Vietnam

Boats on the Thu Bon River, Hoi An, Vietnam at Sunset

The four-hour journey to Hoi An was probably the best yet. It was sunny, scenic and almost quite relaxing with the reclined "beds". We saw the sea, some rice fields and lots of mountains along the way. The journey took us through Da Nang, which I was happy about because it's an incredible city and at least I got to see it.

Our hostel was a bit of a long walk away from where we were dropped off (especially with our heavy bags). Fortunately, it was easy to find and we only really had to walk straight up one, long street. The hostel itself was the nicest we have stayed in, and the owners were always very friendly and happy to help with anything. To get to the old town, we had to walk back the way we came for 10-15 minutes, and the closest beach was a 10-minute bike ride away in the opposite direction.

After settling in and having a well-needed shower, we wanted to explore Hoi An. We were told about the old town and the festival that takes place on every full moon. As if it was meant to be, it was a full moon that night! We had to check it out!

Food Vendor, Hoi An's Night Market, Vietnam

The streets were closed to motor vehicles, streetlights were switched off and incense was burnt in front of almost every shop, house and restaurant. People made wishes as they sent lotus-shaped, paper lanterns with lit candles inside down the Thu Bon River. I didn’t know what to think about all of that rubbish and where it ends up, but it was hard to say no with every other person was hassling you to buy one. Plus, it was so pretty and paper decomposes in the end. We even got to ride down the river in a small sampan boat (powered by nothing other than a Vietnamese guy and his upper body strength). The boat ride was a good way to escape the crowds for a while and it wasn’t expensive at all.