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What Is Elephant Tourism & Why's It An Issue? Elephant Sanctuary Guide For Chiang Mai, Thailand!

After sharing our experience with an unethical elephant sanctuary in our last post (you can read about that here!), we really anted to share some of the useful tips and information in it to help others avoid making the same mistake! Here, we explain what elephant tourism is, why it’s an issue and how to find amazing, ethical elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and beyond!

Here’s our guide to having an ethical elephant sanctuary experience in Thailand!

You can pin this post on Pinterest! Photo by Geran De Klerk on Unsplash.

A quick disclaimer: because of elephant tourism’s ties to “traditional” cultural practises, it can be a controversial issue. We are not experts on those cultural practises, the natural behaviour of elephants, and what may or may not be “necessary” for the welfare of them. This post is not a criticism of culture, but a look at why elephant tourism exists, why elephants need better treatment and how exactly we can help as tourists.

What Is Elephant Tourism? And Why Is It A Thing?

Being traditionally considered a working animal, elephants have been a massive part of many cultures across Asia for centuries. For a long time, elephants were used for transport and farming amongst many other things including religious ceremonies. Most notably though, elephants were used in the logging industry.