2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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The BEST VIEWS In Cornwall (Amazing Photos From The AIR!)

Have you ever thought that a certain place just couldn't be any more beautiful, yet every so often, it still seems to blow you away? That's exactly what happened to us when, last week, we got the chance to enjoy a very scenic flight over Cornwall! The experience was all thanks to a family member with his own plane and pilot's licence, so we were incredibly lucky to see and capture everything from such a unique perspective! What we saw beneath us was stunning and like nothing we had seen before, even at the iconic locations like Bedruthan Steps, Trevose Head and The Camel Estuary. Especially at the iconic locations in fact! Hopefully the pictures do it justice!

Aerial View Of Stepper Point, Polzeath and The Camel Estuary, Cornwall From The Air

Cornwall From The Air

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AD: Click here to try Audible for free!

Aerial View Of Trevose Head Lighthouse, Cornwall From The Air