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THE ULTIMATE CORNWALL ROAD TRIP! 1 Week & 2 Week Itinerary, What To Do & Where To Visit!

You just can’t beat Cornwall… Wild landscapes, beautiful beaches and a breathtaking coastline - and the charm and lifestyle to match!

It might be England’s worst kept secret, but that’s of course only for good reason!

What better way to experience it than packing up a VW bus with your wetsuit and surfboard, spending the day at the beach and picking a good spot up on the cliffs to watch the sun go down?

That said, if it’s quaint fishing villages, good food and art galleries that sounds better to you then you can do just that and we've got it all in this blog post!

Check out our North Cornwall road trip guide & itinerary here!

Here is the ultimate Cornwall road trip itinerary, including all the must visit places and a bunch of hidden gems as well!

Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall, Sunset, Cornwall Road Trip 1 Week 2 week Itinerary guide
Sunset At Bedruthan Steps, Cornwall

About The Itinerary!

If you’re driving down to Cornwall, then that’s simple enough - start at “PART ONE”. Of course, another option is to get a train and hire a vehicle once you’re here - you could get the train to St Austell, Newquay or Falmouth to name a few, and easily amend the itinerary to create a sort of circular route.