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Our Experience With Plastic Pollution In The Mediterranean!

It was a quick trip to Malta with family, but as you might have already guessed, it wasn’t your typical tourist trip… This was a chance to experience the state of the plastic pollution crisis right here in Europe… And it sure was eye opening, whilst also being quite the adventure!

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Plastic Bottles, Litter and Pollution, Comino Island, Malta, Beach Clean Up

Comino Island Boat Trip // The Blue Lagoon

After arriving at Malta International Airport, taking a taxi to our hotel (Ramla Bay Resort) and dumping our bags down in our rooms, we headed straight out on a boat trip to Comino, a sister island of Malta and Gozo that sits directly in between the two. Tours frequently travel to Comino throughout the day, taking hundreds of tourists to the stunning hotspot that is The Blue Lagoon.

We were tempted at first to hire our very own speedboat from a company on site at the resort, who also offered a range of other water sports and activities, but in the end we opted to be toured around for a cost of only €16 per person! Driving the speedboat for us was a sort of James Bond kind of character, who showed us lots of impressive sights all around the island, from incredible hidden coves, to caves eroded in the sandstone cliffs and even unreal archways that he would drive directly under! But most impressive of all was the crystal clear water that ranged from a breathtaking turquoise colour to a deep sapphire blue! Sounds idyllic right?

The truth is that, with our eyes wide open to the issue of plastic pollution, in a way we were kind of on the look out for it when out on the water, and did sadly spot some plastic bottles swimming around the coves and countless broken up bits of polystyrene culminating inside the caves, but it honestly wasn’t the worst that we’ve ever seen.