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The MUST HAVE Products & Eco Friendly Items For Travel!

Living a more eco friendly lifestyle really needn’t be as big of a challenge as it sometimes might seem. Being more aware of the waste that we produce is a super easy and direct way to help the planet and small changes to the way that we consume can have a massive positive effect. We think that, when it comes to travel, this is especially important so that we leave less of an impact on local communities and, thanks to a few things that we carry with us everywhere, this has become even easier!

Here's a top five list of our essential eco friendly items for zero waste travel and a more sustainable lifestyle!

Xativa Castle, Spain. Essential Eco Friendly Items For Sustainable Travel


When we travel, our phones have helped us so much that now we can’t even imagine travelling without them! But, aside from helping out with a possible language barrier and the occasional Google translate, they can be super helpful for helping the planet! We have a list of our five favourite apps for travel here! Not only that, but we’ll get our boarding passes on our phones to save paper and also use them to connect with other more mindful travellers and search for events such as beach cleans with the help of social media.

Read our Guide For More Mindful & Sustainable Travel HERE!

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AD: Click here to try Audible for free!

Reusable Water Bottles!

The question that a lot of people ask is, when you travel,