2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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4 Days In Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Let me start by saying how special of a place Amsterdam is… It's a place that I've always wanted to visit, and definitely a new love of mine! Harmony and I have actually booked flights before but didn’t get as far as booking accommodation, which is really expensive as it turns out! When we started to plan another trip to Amsterdam, it was hard to believe but incredibly exciting to know that we'd finally be going!

The Rijksmuseum and Iamsterdam Sign, Netherlands, Sunrise

The Journey

So, Harmony and I were swapping the beautiful, British countryside for the tulip fields of the Netherlands and the romantic canals in the city of Amsterdam! The day started with a lengthy, but scenic, spring time drive from morning to midday, followed by one bus ride, one flight and one train journey.

Thanks to how evidently wet the country is, we could see how lush and green the countryside was from our aeroplane window, with the exception of the occasional colourful field of course.

At the airport, we were a little confused as to how to get a ticket for the train, but that's when we realised that there was a counter right at the end of the station. The self service machines didn't take cash (only card or coins), so it was good to deal with a human being, and someone who, like almost everyone else, spoke such good English! The ticket cost just over 5€ and the journey took about 20 minutes, which flew by as we admired the interesting buildings, more of the greenery and the many water ways on the way into the city!

Sunrise at an Amsterdam canal, Netherlands

The City Itself

Even after a long day of travel, it was still light out when we got of the train, so we were excited to spend the evening exploring the city and seeing what it was really like. First of all, we were baffled by the amazing architecture and blown away by the beauty of the canals! We also quickly noticed the obsession with bicycles - it was clear that bikes to the Dutch are like scooters to the Vietnamese! We also had to become aware of and watch out for trams, but they didn't pose as big of a risk as the bikes did!