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A Quick Trip To TENERIFE! What To Do, Where To Stay & What Not To Miss!

I have to admit that I had my prejudices about the Canary Islands... But when I saw how cheap a holiday package would actually cost me, I was booking my flights before I knew it! Tenerife is the largest of the seven islands that are located 100km off West-Africa and, for as little as £200, I could enjoy it's all-year-round warm weather, whilst it was cold and rainy back in Cornwall!

Here's what to do, where to stay and what not to miss in Tenerife!

Playa Martianez, Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife, Canaries, Spain, Sunset

The Journey

It's fair to say that my expectations of the Canaries weren't very high, but it didn't take very long for them to become reality either. At the check-in gate, boisterous holiday punters surrounded me and, on the plane, I had to sit behind the embodiment of lad culture... But to be fair, everyone other than a small minority settled down fairly quickly. Plus, my experience with Bristol Airport was amazing with it's easy self parking, fast track security and an organised boarding process!

The aeroplane route took us along the coast of, I guess, Spain and Portugal, but from my side of the plane, the sea seemed endless. Even when we came into land, I couldn't see the island itself until the very last minute. So, when I eventually saw the palm trees, volcanic craters and beautiful villas for myself, I was even more amazed! I was officially blown away, and finally understood that Tenerife can offer a lot more than just a sun-soaked week away!

From the airport in Tenerife, a fairly full coach drove hair raisingly fast along the motorway to each of our hotels whilst we all took in the stellar scenery along the way! With lit up cities along the cliff tops, a actual volcano on the left and waves crashing on black sand beaches on the right, it was like nothing I had seen before!