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Cornwall's Best Sunset Spots! The Top 5 Places To Watch The Sun Go Down In Cornwall!

With an abundance of beautiful beaches and stunning cliff top spots in Cornwall, one of the best things to do in my opinion is to just watch the sun go down over the sea! But which spots should you visit most, how do you get there and what do you need to know? Find out in this blog post!

Here's a list of our top five favourite places to watch the sunset in Cornwall!

Sunset at Trevose Head, Cornwall. Best Sunset Spots Top 5
Sunset At Trevose Head, Cornwall!

Trevose Head

It definitely doesn't get much better than Trevose Head for a spot to watch the sun go down in Cornwall! Sure, there's no facilities like toilets or a cafe, but the car park is the perfect vantage point to look out at the Atlantic, with fantastic views of the beautiful surrounding beaches and, of course, the incredible lighthouse with crashing waves and rugged rocks beneath it.

Getting there: Driving on the B3276 from Padstow, you'll first want to head in the direction of Harlyn Bay by taking a right turn shortly after the village of Windmill, where the 30mph speed limit is introduced. Following this road past the Harlyn Beach car park, over the bridge and continuing it up the hill, you'll then want to take a sharp right turn when the road starts to veer left. The road will get quite narrow and turn a couple of corners until you reach a signposted right turn that leads you on a bumpy road to the carpark on the headland. Postcode PL28 8SH.

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