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Quieter Harbour Towns Worth Visiting In Cornwall! The Top 5 Hidden Gems Without The Crowds!

Harbour towns are apparently very popular places to visit in Cornwall, which can also make them some of the busiest! So, which harbour towns should you visit in Cornwall if you want to avoid the crowds whilst still enjoying stunning scenery and the most picturesque of places? Find out in this blog post!

Here's a list of our top five harbour towns to visit in Cornwall without crowds, how to get there and what you need to know!

Sunset Above Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall! Hidden Gems & Quieter Harbour Towns
Sunset Above Boscastle Harbour

1) Boscastle

I admit Boscastle might not be the quietest of all harbour towns in Cornwall, but it is one of the most impressive! With it's weathered harbour wall set in a steep ravine on the rugged north coast, it's the perfect place for walking and exploring. It's remote, picturesque and also home to The Witchcraft Museum!

Getting there: Heading North / East on the A39 from Wadebridge, take a left turn off just as you're about to enter the town of Camelford onto the B3266, following it pretty much all the way to Boscastle. Post code for Cobweb Carpark PL35 0HG.

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