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The Top 5 Vegetarian & Vegan Restaurants In The Philippines!

Our month of travelling around The Philippines has come to an end, and we’ve found that being vegan has been harder than you might think... But don’t let that scare you! Most locals know what vegetarian/vegan means and a lot of restaurants cater to it. Still, knowing where the best places to head to are might stop you from going hungry or, worse yet, hangry! So, here are our favourite restaurants in The Philippines!

Vegan Burger At Shaka Bohol, The Philippines

First On The List - Beni’s Falafels, Manila

Manila was our first stop in the Philippines and, after the long 16 hour journey from London, we were ravenous but unsure as to what to expect when it came to finding something vegan to eat. It didn’t look hopeful and we soon started to think that vegan options were going to be hard to come by. It wasn’t until we went to Makati to our second hotel that we found Beni’s Falafel Restaurant… Where there are falafels, we will find them - they’re our favourite! Beni’s Falafel makes the list because their falafel sandwiches are both vegan and totally delicious! After eating just rice and vegetables for a few days at our first hotel, they were just what the doctor ordered!

Second To Make The List - Buzz Express, Coron

Feeling more hopeful, we headed to Coron ready to explore and see the beautiful landscapes. Just a short walk away from our hostel, we stumbled upon Buzz Express - a busy western-styled restaurant in the center of town. After a full day of island hoping, beautiful sightseeing and snorkelling, we tucked into an incredibly big veggie burgers (probably the size of our heads) and a brilliantly healthy buddha bowl.

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