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TURTLE ISLAND, BORNEO! A 1 Night Stay In The National Park - What You Need To Know! MUST DO SABAH!

Borneo might be a bit off the traveller trail and hardly a consideration for backpackers doing a gap year, but it is surprisingly well developed for tourists. The fact that it is home to some of the world's most precious, endangered wildlife makes it a specialist location for those looking into eco-tours. If you're interested in the more unique experiences that South East Asia can offer, then you can add it straight to the top of your list, and thank us later! Spending a night on "Turtle Island" is an eco tour that we were lucky enough to experience for ourselves, and definitely something that we can highly recommend quite happily!

A Clutch Of Baby Turtle Hatchlings, Selingan Island, Turtle Islands National Park, Sabah, Borneo

Staying In Sandakan

Not knowing what to expect from Sandakan, we booked a five night stay. Compared to Kota Kinabalu, it was a lot more chilled and we quickly came to like it after finding our favourite spots - Harbour Bistro Cafe, San Da Gen Kopitiam and Balin Roofgarden. Still, staying for five days was far too many, so we cut it short and booked some tours to do instead.

The Turtle Island Tour

We booked the Turtle Island tour through our hotel - Sandakan Central, which was a really nice hotel for the money! The tours in Borneo were surprisingly pricey and this one was no exception at 700 RM each! But without that money, organisations and sanctuaries wouldn't be able to continue with their conservation efforts and help protect the island's endangered animals, specifically the sea turtles!