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What You Need To Know About Mount Bromo, Indonesia & It's Problem With Plastic Pollution!

We debated whether or not we should visit the Indonesian Island of Java, but in the end we just couldn't say no! We had to tick Mount Bromo off the bucket list! However, it's safe to say that something about our visit to Mount Bromo left us feeling a bit disappointed, so read on to find out why...

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Sunrise at Mount Bromo National Park, East Java, Indonesia

Staying In Surabaya

Staying in Surabaya meant that, from Borneo, we could grab a cheap flight and be based close enough to the national park to get an organised tour that we were lucky enough to find. Tourism wasn't much of a thing in Surabaya, but we did find a really cool hotel called Tab Capsule. Our private double room only cost about £10 a night, but that isn't why it's so special... As the name suggests, our room was equipped with what can only be described as a "capsule", a futuristic space pod that's straight out of a sci-fi film!

The Tour

After a bit of searching online, we came across BromoTour.com, which also happened to be the cheapest out of the few tours that we found. At about 1,350,000 RP / £67 each, it was certainly a bit of a bargain for how good it was - well organised, great guides and good transport. Breakfast was included and so was almost everything else other than the entrance fee, which was 330,000 RP each.

A little before 11pm, we headed down to our hotel lobby where a tour guide was already waiting to brief us. With every word he said, he had us more and more excited! From everything about the volcanos to how we'd be exploring them! Excited was an understatement!

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