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4 Days On Nusa Penida, Indonesia! Complete Itinerary, What To Do & What You Need To Know!

On this incredible, Indonesian island that’s just off the coast of Bali, there are so many impressive sights and unbelievable landscapes! Whilst Nusa Penida isn’t anywhere near as developed as Bali, it is quieter and deserves to be just as popular. Even four days on Nusa Penida wasn’t enough for us, and we will definitely be coming back soon! We highly recommend going if your in Bali and get the chance!

Here's our guide and complete four day itinerary for Nusa Penida, including what to do on Nusa Penida and everything you need to know for when you visit!

The View From Peguyangan Waterfall, Blue Stairs, Nusa Penida, Bali, Indonesia

How To Get To Nusa Penida

From Bali, there are countless boat companies and tour operators that go to Nusa Penida. We don’t often advise doing an organised day trip and don’t normally enjoy them quite as much as exploring on our own, but, in this case, we’d say that a day trip is actually your best option right now. We’ll share a bit more about why later on, but being able to see the best bits without having to worry about getting around and finding food is a godsend on this island. So, why did we stay on the island for four days? Well, we wanted to enjoy a few sunsets and generally be able to see it all at our own pace - something that definitely had it’s pros and cons in the end!

The boat company that we chose to go with was Maruti Express. We paid 440,000 RP each and, for an extra 200,000 RP, they picked us up from our hotel in Canggu. After arriving in Sanur and checking in at their office, we waited at a small seating area by the beach before boarding the boat. We ended up leaving a little later than planned and then spent the next hour riding the relatively calm water all the way to Nusa Penida, but we were boiling at the front of the boat! At the harbour on Nusa Penida, there were lots of taxis and people offering scooter rentals, but someone from where we were staying picked us up for free!