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EPIC Road Trip Around New Zealand's South Island! 2 Week Itinerary, What To Do & Where To Visit!

Doing a road trip around New Zealand might just be the best way to explore the unspoilt landscapes, mind-blowing mountain ranges and coastal paradises. Having your very own camper van gives you the freedom to go at your own pace, stop wherever and whenever you want and even meet loads of new friends at all of the campsites! But, what if you can’t decide where to go in the first place? Well, that’s exactly why we’ve written this blog post with plenty of tips that might help you along the way, including where to go, what to do and all the best places to camp and stay!

Now, we are just focussing on the South Island here (with highlights like Milford Sound, the Glacier Highway and the Otago lakes) and have based it on a two week itinerary (the perfect amount of time if you don’t want to rush or squeeze everything in). You’re going to be speechless when you see some of the sights, whether it’s when you stop or right from the front seat of your vehicle!

Snowy Scenes At Fiordlands National Park, South Island, New Zealand

Hiring A Campervan In New Zealand

When it comes to car/campervan rentals in New Zealand, one of the most popular and affordable choices is a company called Jucy. The bright green and purple coloured campers can be seen on roads, in lay-bys and at campsites all over New Zealand. They have multiple pick up and drop off locations all over the North and South Islands, so you can start and finish your road trip wherever you want. What we love most about Jucy is the option to carbon offset - an additional cost that funds the planting of trees, which obviously has endless benefits! We chose one of their Condo camper vans and we were beyond impressed with it! It had everything we needed including a fitted kitchen, and was even quite comfortable. Having a self-contained camper van is a good idea because of the extra space and, although you can’t just camp anywhere you want, you do have a lot more options when it comes to camping for free. For a list of New Zealand’s camping grounds and freedom camping sites, check out www.rankers.co.nz/respect

Jucy Camper Van Near Lake Wanaka, South Island, New Zealand

What To Know About New Zealand Roads