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A Family Trip To Turkey! Should You Visit, Where To Go & What To Do! 1 Week Holiday In Gocek!

Forget everything you think you already know about Turkey... It’s time to book your flights, pack your bags and exchange some money! Last week, we did just that and headed to the fairly small town of Gocek that sits right on the coast by the Mediterranean Sea! With the sunshine, hot weather, luxury yachts and beautiful beaches, we had nothing but a great trip!

That should probably answer your question if you were wondering whether your next family holiday should be to Turkey! But, in this blog post we'll be sharing more about what our experience was like exactly - exploring Gocek, sailing on The Mediterranean Sea and having an all around great holiday - and why you should definitely visit Turkey too!

boats, gocek, turkey, what to do where to go why visit gocek
Sailing Boats, Gocek Harbour, Turkey

Where To Stay

Along with seven other family members (one of which was to turn fifty on the trip), we rented a five bedroom villa that was about a ten minute walk from town. Thanks to the villa's very own swimming pool, it was the perfect place to spend most of our days and always a great place to chill out! What took us by surprise were the breath taking mountain ranges which, always in sight from the balconies, seemed to be right on our doorstep!

Villa Gocek Turkey, what to do where to go why visit gocek
Vineyard Villas, Gocek, Turkey

Gocek Town