2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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25+ MUST WATCH Documentaries All About The Impacts Of Fast Fashion!

selfie at The Rumps, Cornwall. Must Watch Documentaries Fast Fashion

With a larger carbon footprint than all airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world, second only to oil. Yet, whilst many of us may be aware of the impacts of the fashion industry, do we truly know to what extent?

From the unsafe working conditions and the exploitation of cheap child labour, to the resource intensive manufacturing of clothing and all of the waste that the fashion industry creates, these Must Watch Docs showcase the fashion industry's dark side... And they're sure to leave you not only shocked, but also inspired to make a difference! Whether that means joining the growing number of ethical and sustainable businesses already fighting back against fast fashion, or taking back control from this relatively recent consumeristic trend - by buying quality clothing that's made to last, choosing to support eco-conscious companies and being more mindful of our purchasing habits' environmental cost - we can make a difference!

For further reading, reasons why we should fight fast fashions and tips for making our wardrobes more ethical, Fashion Revolution is a great go-to organisation.

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The True Cost (2015)