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HOW TO SEE ORANGUTANS IN BORNEO! Sepiloc Orangutan Center & Kinabatangan River! MUST DO IN SABAH!

Borneo is a special place for a whole number of reasons, but none more important than the endangered animals that it is home to, one of which is the orangutan. Borneo is one of the last places on Earth that offers a chance to still see orangutans in the wild, whilst contributing to conservation efforts being made to preserve their lives and habitats. Here's what we thought about our experience visiting both the Sepiloc Orangutan Center and the Kintabatangan River, how you can plan a visit too and some tips and things to know before your visit!

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Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center Nursery, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo

About Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Center (SORC)

One place that provides care and rehabilitation to orphaned and injured orangutans is SORC. Established in 1964, they have been an integral organisation caring for and conserving the lives of these incredible, human-like creatures. Did you know that orangutans have 97% of the same DNA we humans do?!

SORC is located within a near 40 sq km of protected jungle about 25km west of Sandakan. This area of protected jungle is now home to 60-80 individual orangutans (although other sources say as many as 200), and offers them their natural habitat that is otherwise under threat from the development of palm oil plantations and logging companies. A lot of orangutans are also enslaved by the illegal pet trade!