2019.5.21 - selfie, the rumps, near polz
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25+ MUST WATCH Documentaries All About Climate Change! (Updated 2020)

Selfie at Park Head, near Newquay and Padstow, Cornwall

Ask anyone what the biggest problem of the 21st Century is and there's a good chance they'll say climate change. Yet, it still seems like there isn't enough being done about it! Whilst, there are a select few (particularly those in power) that choose to ignore it, there really is no denying the evidence, and the tremendous threat that climate change is... The good news is that we are capable of change and can all lessen our impact on the environment in some way! Here's a bunch of must watch documentaries that will make everyone want to do do something about climate change and, if you are already trying to do something about it, lessening your carbon footprint and spreading the word, then you have our praise!

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The 11th Hour (2007)

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Before The Flood (2016)