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5 MUST HAVE Apps For Better & More Eco Friendly Travel!

With modern technology’s influence on the travel industry, it’s sometimes quite hard to believe that anyone could have even travelled before smartphones were invented! Our phones are almost always within reach nowadays, and maybe that isn’t always such a bad thing! Our smartphones and the apps on them can be a really big help!

Here's a top five list of must have apps for better and more eco friendly travel!

Portrait, Colliford Lake, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall


Maps.me would definitely have to be the app that we find ourselves using the most whilst travelling. The main feature is that you can download maps to use without using your mobile data. The maps are also open source, so anyone can add a particular point of interest, including hikes, viewpoints and even hot springs! Just be sure to download the appropriate map before you arrive at your destination and always use it whenever you get a taxi to ensure the driver actually knows where he’s going and you aren’t going to get scammed!


If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably watch a lot of movies, and if you’re lucky enough to have a Netflix account, you’ll probably already know that you can actually download things to watch when you don’t have wifi or a 3G connection! A couple episodes of Osark’s or Orange Is The New Black can really help on those long flights or train rides!

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